Psych: The Movie

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At first, it was just another rumor. You heard, but dared not hope that it was true. But could it be? Could a Psych movie actually be in the works?

Now we know, and all Psych fans are rejoicing: the movie is not only real, but has finished shooting and in post-production right now, on target for release this Christmas season. As a nation rejoices, bands of frenzied Psych fans are preparing for epic movie parties. But, what to wear? You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt that pays respect to your favorite show, to our heroic former planet, and to the dedicated scientists and engineers at NASA.

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You Need this T-Shirt

Click on Pluto to visit our store, where you can buy t-shirts and some other stuff featuring this homage to your favorite show. It features a genuine, high-resolution NASA image of the former planet.

Don’t be the only member of the Psych movie party who is not properly attired! You can also purchase pajamas, watches, glasses, hoodies, and more, all featuring this ever-so-clever logo. You must know a Psych fan whose birthday is coming up. Don’t be a cheapskate! Wearing these shirts will make you 72.3% more attractive, according to the latest studies.

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You know what all the movie talk is doing to you. You’re remembering how awesome the show was, and want to watch it now! And you can! Just spend some of your ample spare cash at Amazon, and get the DVDs! Binge-watching was never this tasty! Go ahead — click on that pineapple.

Not ready to spring for the whole series? You can buy a special edition of one special episode: the wildly popular musical.

What a perfect accompaniment to the Christmas movie!




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